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How do we present technical content that is easy to understand?

Oftentimes we see a number of poorly documented architecture & IT system artefacts that have the following characteristics:

  • Hard to understand with masses of detail

  • Very technical with strange IT acronyms

  • Spider web or Spaghetti of links everywhere

  • Non standard notation

  • Visually unappealing and just plain boring

  • Technically very complicated & hard to understand

Spaghetti diagram.PNG
Why is this so difficult?

We find that technical staff understand the details of the IT landscape but often have great difficulty in conveying this information in a format that can be understood by those unfamiliar with with the content.  Of most importance, how do you gain understanding & support from senior business stakeholders when they are immediately alienated by the content before them?

boring road map.png
Confusing diagram.png
Spaghetti diagram
Confusing information
Boring road map
Why are Smarter Vision any different?

A key advantage in working with Smarter Vision is that our staff have broad, in depth technical knowledge for discussing with subject matter experts, combined with commercial experience in graphic design & marketing for presenting at board level.  We have a keen eye for both what looks visually pleasing and is easy to digest & comprehend for a wide range of stakeholders.  We will take inputs from your team in order to provide outputs in a style that works best for your organisation.

In our experience this is quite a rare mix of skills and one that is greatly valued by our clients.

If you have a technical artefact that perhaps needs validating, or sprucing up to appeal to a wider audience, then we would be delighted to assist. 

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